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Changwang Noodles

Changwang Noodles are also known as “Changyi Noodles”. They have a traditional flavor, and is the most famous dish in Guizhou. The noodles are also known as the “three-uniques” (i.e. color, smell and taste), with crisp noodles, spicy taste and delicious soup, but aren’t spicy, greasy or undercooked.

“Changwang” is a near homonym in Chinese with the word “auspiciousness”. Strictly speaking, Changwang Noodles should be made with handmade egg noodles as the main ingredient along with pig intestines and blood, with some specially-made chili oil added. It has a delicious and spicy taste, chewy noodles, bright red soup, and tender blood curd. The chicken soup is oily but not greasy, and spicy but not strong, meaning you’ll experience the aftertaste long after eating. They are sold in various noodle shops all across Guiyang.

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