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Yunnan Rice Noodles

Yunnan Rice Noodles have a history of more than one hundred years, and people who visit Kunming really enjoy tasting the world-famous noodles. The dish is popular among people for its particular ingredients, meticulous cooking method and aromatic taste.

People in Yunnan eat many different kinds of rice noodles, such as boiled, fried, cold and hot, but the most famous kind are Yunnan Rice Noodles. The noodles are made in special way: firstly, beat a raw pigeon egg or chicken egg into a soup bowl, secondly add raw sliced pork and chicken, and then add cooked meats such as roast pork. After stirring lightly, add other ingredients such as fragrant-flowered garlic, tine peas, etc. and the rice noodles, then add seasonings. The soup is hot but not steaming, so you should be careful not to burn yourself. The rice noodles are both smooth and delicious.

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