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Knife Duck (Xiaodaoya)

Knife Duck is a famous dish in Yunnan. The main ingredient is a kind of small duck which comes from Yiliang County in the center of Yunnan. The duck should be under 40 days old, and is massaged, blown etc. before being placed in the furnace. Dry pine branches are used in the furnace, and the door is closed when the open fire disappears, after which it is cooked for 20 minutes. After being taken out of the furnace, it has become the Knife Duck. The duck is brown and has a strong aroma. It is about the size of a man's fist, and the duck has long and thin neck and head, like a long bronze knife, therefore, it is called Knife Duck.

This dish has a golden color and is both fresh and tender. When you taste it, your mouth will fill with the taste of the golden and crispy duck with sauce. The duck has cooling properties with its fresh and tender meat, making it ideal for relieving the heat in summer.

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