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Rice Cake (Erkuai)

Rice Cake, which is particular to Yunnan, is one of the most famous Kunming snacks. It is made from high quality rice by washing, soaking, steaming, mashing and kneading. Rice Cakes come in different shapes, such as pieces, shreds and slices. They can be boiled, fried, braised, stewed or steamed, but the most common method is frying with tine peas and green onions etc. then pouring salty and sweet soy sauce over it. The taste is simple and delicious, and you’ll never tire of eating it.

Braised Rice Cakes are made by placing thin pancake-shaped Rice Cakes on a smokeless charcoal fire for roasting, then adding seasonings such as sesame paste, chili sauce, fried pepper sauce, etc. and putting sliced beef and mutton or a fried bread stick inside when it has turned slightly brown.

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