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Steam Pot Chicken (Qiguoji)

Steam Pot Chicken is one of the most famous dishes in Yunnan Province. It consists of a soup pot filled with water under the steam pot. Pieces of chicken are added to the steam pot, and the chicken is steamed. To maintain the original taste and flavor, both the tender chicken and fresh soup are kept. Notoginseng and Cordyceps sinensis are usually added to the pot, making the dish a nourishing meal.

The way of cooking Yunnan Steam Pot Chicken is very particular, and the ingredients are unique, giving an inimitable taste. The chicken pieces are fresh and tender, soup is delicious, and it has a strong aroma. The taste of Steam Pot Chicken can be truly authentic if an earthenware steam pot made in Jianshui County is used.

Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai personally ordered the famous Yunnan “Steam Pot Chicken” dish for the state banquet when President of the USA, Richard Nixon, visited China in 1972. When the banquet started and the pots’ lids were removed, the aroma spread all around the banquet hall. Nixon unceasingly praised the dish, and extremely admired its delicious taste.

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