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Old Granny’s Potato (Laonai Yangyu)

Old Granny’s Potato is a dish from Yunnan with a soft taste.

Old Granny’s Potato is made from high quality Yunnan potatoes. First, peeling the potatoes, second, cutting it into pieces, third, soaking them in clear water to remove surface starch, and finally, frying it in a pan according to your taste. Seasonings such as chopped green onions, fish mint, coriander, chili powder, Yunnan fermented bean curd, etc. can then also be added. The cooking method is very simple: First, turn the boiled potatoes into mash after peeling, second, put them into a frying pan with a little animal fat, and last, add some chopped green onions and spices. This dish has a golden color and enticing aroma, and other ingredients can also be added to enrich the taste.

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