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Flour Sheets (Ga Mianpian)

Flour Sheets is the most special kind of homemade noodles in the Northwest of China. From local towns to village, it’s the most commonly noodle with great reputation and varieties.

Flour Sheets has a very special and exquisite shape. The noodles can be mixed with all different kinds of soup and sauces. No matter you put the noodles in a soup or stir-fry it, each tastes unique.

There are “Fingernail Flour Sheets” and “Sparrow Tongue Flour Sheets” which are delicately shaped, “Mushroom Flour Sheets” which is stewed with mushrooms, and “Stewed Flour Sheets” which has no soup but is served with soybean paste. There are also “Fried Flour Sheets”, a form of Muslim noodles from Hui minority villages, which are fried with beef or mutton with vermicelli and chili, and in the countryside, there is also have “Melon Flour Sheets”.

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