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Sheep Intestine Noodles

People in Xining often eat noodles such as Dry-mix Noodles, Hand-Pulled Noodles, Flour Sheets, Beef Noodles and Sheep Intestine Noodles. Most are simply mixed without soup, i.e. dry-mix noodles, and Sheep Intestine Noodles is one of them. The dish is very delicious and has many local features. First, put some chopped carrots, golden noodles and a few onions in the bowl, then add fried sheep intestines and pour chili oil over the noodles. Finally, mix the noodles with seasonings such as mashed garlic, salt and vinegar.

You can choose just one or several seasonings when you order Sheep Intestines Noodles at a local restaurant. If you want to satisfy your cravings, you can simply order the most common noodles with meat and eat with a bowl of sour soup, and you’ll find the flavor drives you to heaven.

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