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Roujiamo (Chinese Hamburger)

“Roujiamo” is an abbreviation of a ancient Chinese word which means “ minced meat sandwiched in Baiji Bread”. It is a famous snack in Shaanxi Province which tastes delicious and leaves one feeling full after having eaten one.

Fan’s Roujiamo can be regarded as the most authentic example of Xi’an Roujiamo. They use meat braised in Chinese herbal medicines and a spicy sauce, with the result that it is well braised, with a delicious taste and the meat is not greasy.

Soup stock is used and Roujiamo are authentic with the specially-made Baiji Bread. The bread has a really crispy and delicious taste. If a small amount of the meat is layered between some hot Baiji Bread, a crispy and delicious snack will be served.

The Roujiamo was listed as the 5th Intangible Cultural Heritage of Shaanxi Province in January, 2016.

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