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Qinzhen Liangpi

The main ingredient of Qinzhen Liangpi is rice flour and it is mainly produced in Qinzhen Town, Huxian County, and also known as Qinzhen Cold Rice Noodles. The rice flour is made into a paste when cooking.

Qinzhen Liangpi has a history of more than 2,000 years and it is said that the cold noodles were made during the period of the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty and supplied to the royal household, making it the father of other variations of Liangpi around the country.

Qinzhen Liangpi is placed in a multilayer bamboo steamer to steam, making the steamed Liangpi chewy, thin and soft. When eating, it is cut into thin shreds using a one-meter-long and 20 cm-wide knife and green vegetables, small bean sprouts, seasoning, chili oil, and so on are added. The mixed Liangpi are red in color, spicy and taste delicious, making it a popular dish with Xi’an locals.

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