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Jiangshui Noodles

According to the legend, Jiangshui Noodles was originated from the Han Emperor Liu Bang and Prime Minister Xiao He. It is a famous snack in Hanzhong and Gansu that has a unique sour, spicy and fragrant flavor, a lingering aftertaste as well as working as an appetizer. Jiangshui Noodles is famous for its refreshing qualities and relieving summer-heat, abundant nutrition and a unique flavor.

Jiangshui Noodles is the best kind of noodles for containing several beneficial enzymes to moisten the lungs and promote appetite. In the hot summer, it can not only relieve fatigue and refection, but is also beneficial for high blood pressure, and gastrointestinal and urinary diseases

With a sour, spicy and fragrant flavor, Jiangshui Noodles is also a kind of soft drinks for preventing heatstroke and moistening lungs. Since the weather in Longshang is very dry and its land contains too much salt, enjoying a bowl of cool and sour noodles not only helps neutralize alkalinity, but also remove internal heat and relieve inflammation to reduce blood pressure, which is especially beneficial to your health in summer.


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