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Xinjiang “Big Plate Chicken”

Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken is a halal dish made with big chunks of chicken which are served on a large plate, thus it’s name. It has been popular across Xinjiang for nearly 10 years but originated in the late 1980s and is cooked using chicken and potatoes with noodles.

There are two types of Big Plate Chicken, Shawan and Chaiwobao. The Shawan version has thick juice, which can be used for dipping when eating the belt noodles. Chaiwobao is made by first frying the chicken pieces, and then add peppers to make it tastier.

After more than 20 years of evolution, you can now not only eat the classic "Chicken with Potatoes", but also the deluxe, upgraded "Chicken with Mushrooms".

Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken has a bright color, and a unique and novel taste. It is a tasty dish which integrates the hot tastes from the Northwest and the numbing spice of Sichuan.

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