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Roasted Mutton Kebabs

The traditional roasted mutton kebabs are not just a quick snack eaten on the street in Xinjiang, but also a fine food eaten in the home. The authentic kebabs have a brown and shiny color just like the Roasted Whole Lamb, taste slightly spicy, not greasy and are very delicious. The ingredients used are not as strict as for Roasted Whole Lamb, and the difference between the two dishes is the size and specific cooking methods.

When roasting the mutton kebabs, first cut the meat into thin slices and then pair fatty and lean pieces of meat onto the iron skewer (In the past, wooden skewers made from rose willow were used, but nowadays they’re harder and harder to find).

After skewering the meat, put the kebabs on a grooved iron coal-burning barbeque. Roast the lower part of kebabs, adding salt, cumin and pepper on top, and then roast for several minutes before eating.

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