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As a daily food in Xinjiang, naan is a kind of bread made from baked flour, similar to pancakes. It can be crispy or soft, tastes delicious, has a golden surface and was called "Hu Pancake" in ancient China.

Naan is made primarily using flour and yeast with a dash of salt instead of baking soda. It is also made of corn meal with sesame, onion, egg, vegetable oil, butter, milk, salt and sugar. There is also a kind of meat naan made with fresh mutton and other ingredients. It comes in all different types, shapes, sizes and flavors, and most of them are round.

The biggest naan are called "Ai Manke", and have a thin middle, slightly thicker crust, patterns in the center, and a diameter of 40 to 50 cm. They require 0.5 to 1 kg flour to make and are called the king of the naan.

The smallest naan is called “Tuokaxi”, whose diameter is of an average teacup, with a thickness of about 1cm. The “Tuokaxi” is very delicately made.

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