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Roasted Xizang Mini Pig

The Xizang Mini Pig that “drinks spring water and eats delicacies” is becoming a famous dish of Xizang dietary culture. It is also known as "Ginseng Pig", "Juema Pig", "Cordyceps Juema Pig" and "Xizang Pig". It is the original lean-type pig that is shepherded in the field. The purebred Xizang Mini Pig only eats the grass at an altitude of 3,000 to 4,000 m on grassland, and it cannot be fed by any artificial fodder.

The average weight of an adult Xizang Mini Pig is less than 50 kg, so the fat content is very low, and the skin is very thin, and the meat is very delicious, but it is full of nutrition. It is a rare delicacy in snowy plateaus.

Although the Mini Pig has a two-year growth cycle, its reproductive ability is very strong. The local Xizang Mini Pig is shepherded in the hills. It often eats cordyceps, tricholoma matsutake, ginseng, and other wild medicinal herbs, so not only the meat quality is superior, but the pig manure is used as a guiding drug in Xizang medicine.


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