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Highland Barley Wine

It is made from highland barley produced from Xizang and is a traditional alcoholic beverage of the Xizang and Tu ethnicities.

It is divided into high wine and low wine. It is necessary for festivals, weddings, giving birth to a child, and entertaining relatives and friends, which is very popular among the Xizang people.

It has the mellow, sweet and tasty characteristics, with no pain and no thirst after drinking. It became independent in the multitudes of the strong liquor industry and enjoys a high reputation in the Western Region. Because of its "unique geographical environment, unique raw materials for wine making, unique Daqu ingredients, unique wine making process, and unique product style".

Many Chinese leaders, such as Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Hu Jintao, Zou Jiahua, and other comrades to Qinghai inspection work, have tasted the highland barley wine of Qinghai.


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