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Buttered Tea

The Xizang word for buttered tea is "Qiasuma", which means stirring tea. It is a liquid beverage mixed with a variety of foods, a daily necessity for Xizang people in China, an indispensable part of the Xizang people's hospitality, etiquette, worship, and other activities, and has strong national characteristics and cultural significance.

It has many flavors, both salty and sweet. It can drive out the cold when feeling cold, remove grease when eating meat, satisfy your hunger when hungry, and help you recover from fatigue, etc.

When drinking the Buttered Tea in Xizang, firstly, it can cure altitude sickness; secondly, it can prevent the lips from bursting due to the dry weather; thirdly, it can play a good role in preventing the cold. When you taste the tea for the first time, at the first bite, you may find it unbearable; at the second bite, you may find it mellow; and at the third bite, you will never forget it.


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