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Roasted Barley Flour

It refers to the flour grinding from fried barley and is a daily food for Xizang people. It can not only be eaten by mixing it with tea, but also by mixing it with ice or cold water, so Roasted Barley Flour is often a superb cuisine among Xizang people.

If you visit a Xizang family, the host must provide you a delicious milky tea, roasted barley flour, golden butter, and casein by both hands.

If you want to eat Butter Roasted Barley Flour, firstly, pour a small bowl of milky tea, then put the butter, Roasted Barley Flour, casein, and sugar into the bowl, finally, mix the ingredients in the bowl with your fingers and squeeze into small groups to eat. It is as fragrant as butter, as acidic as casein, and as sweet as sugar. It not only has rich nutrition and high calories, but also can relieve hunger and cold.


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