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Noodles with Fried and Diced Mutton

Noodles with Fried and Diced Mutton is a traditional wheaten food in Ningxia. You can find restaurants supplying Noodles with Fried and Diced Mutton everywhere in Yinchuan City. It is said this dish is derived from the “Longevity Noodles” of the early Tang Dynasty. People will eat Longevity Noodles on their birthdays.

The cooking of this dish really requires energy and skill: First cut up the mutton, red pepper, green turnip, tomato, and garlic bulb, and fry them and add some seasonings; and then knead the dough until the dough becomes smooth and bright, roll it into an even sheet (manually or using a noodle pressing machine), cut it into noodles, and boil it in water. Put the noodles in the bowl first, and then pour the fried and diced meat and vegetables on the noodles. The dish tastes hot and sour, and is a popular local dish.

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