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Guilin Rice Noodle

Guilin Rice Noodle is one of the most popular foods in Guilin. The making of the Guilin Rice Noodle has a very long history. Main ingredients are rice powder, brine, vegetable, peanut, and chopped green onion. It can be prepared in various ways: rice noodle soup, pot-stewed vegetable rice noodle, hot and sour rice noodle or rice noodle with meat, etc. The broth is prepared from boiling the beef or pork together with licorice, pepper, fennel, etc. It tastes soft and delicious.

The authentic Guilin Rice Noodle is well known for its white color, delicacy, refreshing and appetizing taste. Guilin Rice Noodle is still made by the traditional making method, with delicacy noodle and delicious soup. Its unique flavor will give you great appetite.

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