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Lemon Duck

Lemon Duck is a special dish in Wuming County, Nanning City, Guangxi Province. Its sour and spicy taste is very appetizing. After first bite you will taste the deliciousness of the duck, and then you cannot stop! The meat is very crisp but not greasy. It also has a special lemon hint.

Lemon Duck's main ingredients include sour Allium Chinense, sour ginger, sour pepper, deodorized clausena excavata and specially-pickled sour lemon, all of which are special ingredients of Nanning. The longer those ingredients are marinated, the more delicious they are, which means they will become more and more tasty rather than going bad after stored for a few years or even ten years.

Lemon Duck is suitable for all ages and seasons, especially in spring and autumn. It gives a good “cool sensation".

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