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Mas’ Shaomai

Mas’ Shaomai is a delicious Muslim delicacy in Shenyang. It was established by Ma Chun in 1796 and has over 200 years of history.

Mas’ Shaomai uses fine ingredients. Top grade flour and rice flour are used to make the skin of the Shaomai. Beef from the flank, bottom and legs is used to make the filling. The filling in Mas’ Shaomai is not mixed but soaked in water as a kind of liquid filling. What also makes Mas’ Shaomai different is how they are wrapped. When wrapping the Shaomai, only leave a small hole for checking the filling rather than a big one, which makes them more appetizing as well. The skin of the Shaomai is shinny and resilient, and the filling is fresh, tender and tasty. The shape of the Shaomai resembles a peony bud, which is tempting and adorable. Eating one in one bite before having a sip of the mutton soup is a memory that many locals in Shenyang have of Mas’ Shaomai.

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