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Mushroom and Chinese Chestnut Stir-Fry

Mushroom and Chinese Chestnut Stir-Fry is a traditional Anhui dish of the Han ethnic group and a nutritious dish which helps anti-aging. There are many ways to cook mushrooms while the Mushroom and Chinese Chestnut Stir-Fry is a very special one with a salty and sweet taste. Here are the detailed procedures: chop the mushrooms and the shelled chestnuts into thick slices, stir fry with oil and then stew for 3 minutes with sugar, ginger, soybean sauce and broth. Then add MSG and liquid starch and stir fry on a higher heat. Finally, add some sesame oil before removing from the wok. Mushroom and Chinese Chestnut Stir-Fry is popular for the savory mushrooms and smooth chestnuts. Besides, it contains very rich nutrition. Mushrooms are low in fat and are rich in protein, amino acid and vitamins. They not only help with body’s Calcium absorption, but also prevent people from having cancer. Chinese chestnuts contain various vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acid which help prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

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