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Li Hongzhang Assorted Dishes

Li Hongzhang Assorted Dishes is a classic part of Hefei cuisine. It’s cooked with a mixture of chicken, sea cucumber, ham and other ingredients. Because it’s braised with different ingredients, there are different layers of flavors. It tastes rich yet not overwhelming. Each bite is flavorful and fresh.

It’s said that once when receiving foreign guests, Li Hongzhang told the chef to serve more dishes, but all the courses were already served. The chef then put all the leftover materials into the pot, cooked and served them. It turned out to be well received by the foreign guests, and they wanted to know what the dish was called. Li Hongzhang answered in Hefei dialect “Zasui (chop suey)”. From then, chop suey began to be introduced in foreign countries from Hefei.

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