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Zhengding Ox-head Feast

Zhengding has a rich variety of delicacies, among which the most spoken of is the Ox-head Feast. While the name might sound frightening, it is truly delicious.

When served, the horns point up to the sky like a vigorous ox. The meat on the ox head is sliced into thick pieces that can be chopped into smaller pieces when eaten. The skin on the face is very thick, 3 cm, and has a lot of collagen. When taking a bite, it is glutinous and chewy. The Ox-head Feast comes with two kinds of sauces, hot chili sauce and garlic-vinegar sauce. Garlic-vinegar sauce can help get rid of the grease. The skin is glutinous while the meat attached to the bone is very tender. The ox tongue is sliced into large pieces and placed around the ox head and tastes really good as well. The green vegetables are mostly for decoration, but they absorb the broth and are refreshing and tasty.

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