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Wuji Hele Noodles

Wuji Hele Noodles are normally called Hele noodles. This delicacy is delicately made of well selected ingredients. The noodles are tender and flavorful. Before adding water, mix different proportions of flour, then add water until the dough has a smooth surface. Leave it for five minutes and then put the mixture into the noodle machine. Press the machine to make noodles when the water boils, and add the noodles. Put the lid on for about three to five minutes and take the noodles out and place them in a bowl. Pour on chili made with mutton fat and soup stock. The noodles are ready after adding mutton, ground garlic and Chinese parsley on top.

Wuji Hele Noodles are not only an everyday staple food for locals, but also an important delicacy for weddings and other festive events. In 2012, the craftsmanship of making Wuji Hele Noodles was listed on the Hebei Province Intangible Cultural Heritage List. In recent years, people from Wuji have been actively developing new products based on the traditional craftsmanship of Wuji Hele Noodles to be popular all over China.


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