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Nanchang Mixed Rice Noodles

Nanchang mixed rice noodles is a Han nationality delicacy from Nanchang as a part of Jiangxi cuisine. Rice noodles are cooked in boiling water and put in plates, then chopped chili, peanuts, diced radish, oil, soy sauce, etc. are added and mixed before eating. Rice noodles for people in Nanchang are usually cold mixed rice noodles and stir-fried rice noodles. Rice noodles can also be used in other dishes.

Rice noodles in Nanchang have a long history. They’re made of fine rice through the process of soaking the rice, grinding the rice into rice milk, and then filtering and extracting. Different from rice noodles in other regions, the rice noodles of Nanchang are very tough. Raw rice noodles are rigid and transparent, while cooked rice noodles are white and soft, yet they remain tough after being soaked for a long time and they stay intact after being stir-fried for a long time, giving a character that is tough yet not hard.

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