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Stinky Tofu of Changsha

Stinky Tofu of Changsha is a famous traditional delicacy of Changsha. The locals call it Chou Ganzi (Stinky dried tofu). Stinky Tofu is black and fried crispy on the outside while tender inside. It’s tasty and spicy.

There are two types of stinky tofu, stinky dried tofu and stinky sufu, both are popular delicacies. Though as a small snack, the process of making stinky tofu is complicated. Soy beans need to be selected, shucked, soaked, ground, filtered, boiled, formed, sliced into cubes, and fermented.

Cooked stinky tofu is crispy, tender, and not greasy. When you first smell it, it’s stinky, but if you take your time you’ll find the aroma tempting. As well as Huogongdian, you can find decent stinky tofu from small stalls in the streets

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