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Whitestone Mountain Scenic Area

The Whitestone Mountain is located at the north end of the Taihang Mountains and its highest peak is 2096m. Here you can see unique landforms, thick woods and various plants and animals. The Whitestone Mountain Scenic Area owns numerous peaks, strange stones, stiff cliffs, a sea of clouds, solar halo, forests, bushes, rivers, waterfalls, the Great Wall as well as rare plants and animals. The “Clouds Rolling over the Top of the Whitestone Mountain on a Sunny Day” is known as the top of the 12 Fine Views of Laiyuan in the Ancient Times.

Travel Tips

Address:In the Whitestone Mountain Scenic Area 15km south of the Laiyuan County, Baoding, Hebei Province

Transportation:Take the bus at the old bus station in the Laiyuan County to Fenglianggou which is near the East Gate of the Whitestone Mountain Scenic Area.

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