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Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot

The Longgang is an oval heavenly pit with long axis of 350m, short axis of 170m and depth of 350m. Its depth ranks third in China and fifth in the world. The inner wall is steep with old vines hanging and pine and cypress lying in the cracks of the cliffs. Birds sing among the evergreen trees at the bottom of the pit. The Longgang is in the shape of a natural stone vat and is honored as the “First Heavenly Pit in the World”. It is called the Longgang (Dragon Vat) because of the love tale of a woodman falling in love with the daughter of the dragon.

Travel Tips

Address:Yunyang County, Chongqing

Transportation:You can travel from the Chongqing North Station to Wanzhou where you can take a bus to Qingshui. It’s about 5.5 hours’ journey.

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