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Songshan Shaolin Temple

The Songshan Shaolin Temple is located in Dengfeng City, Henan Province, situated in the dense woods of Shaoshi Mountain in central Songshan, thus the name Shaolin Temple.

It is said that the best Kung Fu is from Shaolin. Shaolin Temple is known around the world for its Shaolin Kung Fu. The monks of Shaolin practice Kung Fu generation after generation. Shaolin Temple is where Shaolin Kung Fu originated, and the Shaolin School is the martial art school that has spread the widest, with the longest history and most types of Chinese boxing. The Chinese have always seen Shaolin Kung Fu as the best of martial arts.

Besides Shaolin Kung Fu, the Shaolin Temple’s inscriptions are also widely. By the gate to the temple, there are a lot of steles with inscriptions, called the forest of steles, which are all famous inscriptions from the Tang and Song dynasties. There are a total of 108 steles with inscriptions in the forest and corridor of steles.

Travel Tips

Address:15 km northwest of Dengfeng, Henan Province

Transportation:Take bus 8 at Dengfeng West Bus Station (129 Zhongyue Avenue, Dengfeng) that operates between Dengfeng and the Shaolin Monastery; the bus ride lasts about 30 minutes.

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