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Mount Lu

Mount Lu is famous all over the world for being magnificent, wondrous, precipitous, and graceful. Standing by the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake, Mount Lu is rich in cultural connotations. Today, Mount Lu is already a well-known scenic area. The green mountains, clear water, torrential waterfalls, spectacular sunrises, and modern villas attract a large number of visitors.

Mount Lu features comfortable weather that is cool in the summer and mild in the winter. Come to Mount Lu in any season to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Due to abundant rainfall, Mount Lu is beautifully shrouded with clouds and mist for an average of 191 days per year. It is also home to many architectural masterpieces of different styles, including Roman and Gothic churches, Byzantine buildings that blend Eastern and Western art forms, Japanese-style buildings and Islamic mosques. These architectural masterpieces can be considered as the essence of the Mount Lu scenic area.

Travel Tips

Address:Lushan District, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province

Transportation:Take the bus from the Jiujiang Long-distance Bus Station to Mount Lu. Some buses depart in succession while others depart at fixed times. Generally the buses operate every half hour, and the fare is about RMB 15 per person.

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