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Changchun Movie Wonderland

Changchun Movie Wonderland, a film and television theme park gathering the world’s most advanced special effect film and television, is hailed as the Hollywood of the East. It is a gathering place of the most advanced film special effects technology. Here, you can watch 4D special effect movies, stereoscopic water curtain films, laser floating films, dynamic full dome films, 3D giant screen films, and other films with special effects. Visitors can also watch live stunt performances and comedy skits and learn about the film shooting process.

Special effect films are the biggest highlight of Changchun Movie Wonderland. The most exciting is the dynamic full dome film “Space Adventure.” Visitors can take the “spacecraft” and shuttle through space and personally experience various exciting physical states. This special effect experience is currently available only at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Universal Studios in Hollywood, and Changchun Movie Wonderland. In addition, the 4D special effect film “Extraordinary Laboratory” not only presents three-dimensional pictures but also has special olfactory, auditory, and tactile effects.

Travel Tips

Address:On the west shore of Jingyue Lake in the southeast of Changchun City, Jilin Province

Transportation:Take LRT-3 and get off at the Changchun Movie Wonderland station.

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