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The Wuyi Mountains

The Wuyi Mountains is both a World Natural Heritage site and a World Cultural Heritage site. It represents the most attractive landscapes in Eastern China. It is divided into the Wuyi Mountains Nature Reserve and the Wuyi Mountains Scenic Resort.

The western part of the Wuyi Mountains is a key area of global biodiversity conservation. It is the world’s most complete, typical, and largest mid-subtropical original forest ecosystem in the same latitude segment. In its eastern part where mountains and waters are perfectly combined, cultural and natural landscapes are well blended. This area is famous for rushing streams, unique peaks, deep valleys, precipitous ravines, as well as numerous historical sites and cultural relics. Its middle part is an important area connecting the east and west parts, conserving the water source of the Jiuqu Creek, and maintaining the good ecological environment. In December 1999, the Wuyi Mountains was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and became a common wealth of all people.


Travel Tips

Address:The Wuyi Mountains National Tourist Resort in the southern suburbs of Wuyishan, Fujian Province

Transportation:Wuyishan City is 15 kilometers away from the Wuyi Mountains scenic area. Visitors can take the sightseeing bus at any place along the way. Taxis are also an option.

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