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Fujian Tulou (Yongding County and Nanjing County)

Fujian Tulou buildings are located in Yongding County. They are famous all over the world for their long history, great variety, large scale, ingenious structure, profound connotations, and complete functions. They are really a wonder in the world and are inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage List.

In Yongding County, there are more than 30 types of tulou buildings, including ones that are round, square, pentagonal, and octagonal. They amount to more than 20,000 in total, of which 362 are circular. The scenic area mainly consists of Hongkeng Tulou Group, Gaobei Tulou Group, Chuxi Tulou Group, Nanxi Tulou Group, and Zhongchuan Ancient Village. In addition to the above-mentioned tulou groups, other attractions include Yanxiang Hall in Xinnan Village, Zhenfu Hall in Xipian Village, and Huanji Hall in Nanzhong Village of Hukeng Town, as well as Yongkang Hall in Xiacun Village and the Tiger Balm Gardens in Zhongchuan Village of Xiayang Town.

Travel Tips

Address:Yongding County, Longyan, Fujian Province

Transportation:Buses depart from Yongding Bus Station to the tulou every hour; the fare is RMB 12 per person.

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