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Yungang Grottoes

Carved into the cliffs of mountains, the Yungang Grottoes, which stretch about one kilometer from east to west, constitute one of the largest grotto clusters in China. The scenic spot is known as one of the four famous grotto art treasures in the country, the other three being the Dunhuang Mogao Caves, Longmen Grottoes and Maiji Mountain Grottoes. In 2001, it was listed into the World Cultural Heritage sites.

There are 45 major caves and around 59,000 statues in vivid postures, the biggest being 17 meters tall and the smallest only several centimeters tall. The Five Caves created by Tan Yao, with their strict unity of layout and design, constitute a classical masterpiece representing the first peak of Chinese Buddhist art. With exquisite carvings and decorations, Wuhua Caves (Cave No.9-13) are of great value to the study of history, art, calligraphy and architecture of the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534).

Travel Tips

Address:About 16 km southwest of Datong, Shanxi Province.

Transportation:Buses and tour buses outside the West Gate of Datong City.

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