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Royal Prime Minister's Palace scenic area

What kind of mansion is worth the personal visits of Kangxi Emperor 300 years ago and the German prime minister 300 years later? Royal Prime Minister's Palace, located in Yangcheng County, Shanxi Province, is the birthplace of the first cultural family in north China. It is built on a mountain slope and is a typical castle-style official mansion complex of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The owner of Royal Prime Minister's Palace was Chen Tingjing, the teacher of Kangxi Emperor and the editor-in-chief of the classic Kangxi Dictionary. He was honest and upright and made many meritorious achievements in his lifetime.

Royal Prime Minister's Palace consists of the inner city and the outer city. There are hiding places for soldiers in the walls, crenels for watching the enemy’s movements at the top of the city tower, and a secret passage leading out of the city. These facilities turned Royal Prime Minister's Palace into an impregnable fortress. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Chen family was a prominent family locally. The family is made up of wealthy and talented men who came forward in multitudes through imperial examinations. A total of 38 members of the Chen family were engaged in politics and many of them were praised by the people for their outstanding achievements.

Travel Tips

Address:Huangcheng Village, Beiliu Town, Yangcheng County, Shanxi Province

Transportation: Take the shuttle bus from Jincheng Bus Station (526 Yingbin Street, Jincheng); the ride lasts about 90 minutes.

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