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Mianshan Mountain

Mianshan Mountain, also known as Jieshan Mountain, is 20 kilometers southeast of Jiexiu and is a northern offshoot range of the Taiyue (Huoshan) Mountains. It is steep and has many cliffs on which pines and cypresses grow. The surrounding scenery is beautiful and there are numerous cultural attractions.

Mianshan Mountain has three wonders. The first wonder are the statues in Zhengguo Temple that hold the clay-covered bodies of a dozen eminent monks; the second wonder is the votive bell over Baofu Cave; and the third wonder is the cliff above Baofu Cave that is over 70 meters high. Over the cliff are two iron bars by which visitors can climb to the peak of Mianshan Mountain. The zigzagging steps that were built in recent year are also worth seeing.

Travel Tips

Address:Mianshan Town, Jiexiu City, Jinzhong, Shanxi Province (Mianshan Mountain Scenic Area)

Transportation:Take the local bus or coach at Jiexiu Railway Station to Mianshan Mountain.

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