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Mount Tai

Mount Tai, the first of the Five Sacred Mountains, is a world natural and cultural heritage site.

Mount Tai extends for over 100 kilometers and is home to numerous ancient and famous trees. Here, you can become one with nature and feel refreshed just by taking a deep breath. The best time to climb Mount Tai is the period from April to November. In the spring, you can see peach and pear blossoms blooming on the mountain; in the summer, the lush trees at the top of the mountain provide an escape from the heat; in the autumn, the red and yellow leaves are a feast for the eyes; and in the depths of winter when there are fewer tourists, visitors wearing warm clothes come to view the scenery. While relaxing nearby, remember to spend some time in a restaurant and enjoy a break. It’s also an opportunity to take part in lively cultural activities.

Travel Tips

Address:Hongmen Road, Taishan District, Tai’an City, Shandong Province

Transportation:Mount Tai is located on the outskirts of Tai’an. You can conveniently take a bus from Tai’an to any of the several entrances.

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