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Huangya Pass Section of the Great Wall

The Huangya Pass Section of the Great Wall lies in the mountains 30 km north of Ji County. It was first built in AD 556 and is recognized as a World Culture Heritage Site.

The Huangya Pass Section of the Great Wall extends eastbound to the Malan Pass in Zunhua County, Hebei Province, and westbound to Jiangjun Pass in Pinggu, Beijing, with a total length of 42 km. It is composed of 66 towers including 52 watchtowers and 14 beacons and is of crucial military significance to the east of Beijing.

The Huangya Pass Section of the Great Wall is centered on its main gate, from which it extends to the two cliffs of the Ju River, eastbound to Banlagang Mountain, with cliffs as a natural barrier, and westbound to the Wangmaoding Mountain, supported by a precipice. The entire section of the Great Wall is built along a ridge with an altitude of 736 meters and features a platform wall made of both brick and rock, with square and round watchtowers, and hollow and solid piled bricks. At this section, you can visit the first museum of the Great Wall and a contemporary Great Wall stele forest.

Travel Tips

Address:Huangyaguan Village, Xiaying Town, Ji County, Tianjin

Transportation:1. Bus: If you set off from Beijing, take the Ping No. 50 bus from Pinggu District and get off at the Huangyaguan stop. 2. Minibus: If you set off from Tianjin, arrive in Ji County first and then take a minibus from the western entrance of the ancient street in Ji County.

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