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Dule Temple

Dule Temple is located on Yuyang Ancient Street in Ji County, Tianjin, with a total area of 16,000 square meters. It was included in the first batch of Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level.

All the major buildings that comprise Dule Temple are laid out on a central axis. The main constructions are the temple gate and Avalokitesvara Pavilion. Flanking the temple gate are two giant dharmapala statues, known as “Kongorikishi” (the Buddhist guardians Heng and Ha). The pheasant tails along the main ridge of the temple gate point inward, resembling flying pheasants, and are the earliest existing example of pheasant-tail components in ancient Chinese architecture. The Avalokitesvara Pavilion is 23 meters high and is the tallest existing two-storied pavilion in China. The Avalokitesvara statue inside is 16 meters high. On the head of the statue, there are 10 smaller heads, giving it its name the Avalokitesvara with eleven faces, and it is one of the biggest painted clay sculptures in China. On the walls inside the pavilion, there are colored murals. On the two sides of the back gate of the northern wall and on the eastern and western walls, there are arhat paintings, which represent important examples in the study of Chinese painting and Buddhist history.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 41 Wuding Street, Ji County, Tianjin (western entrance of the ancient street)

Transportation:Arrive in Ji County from Beijing, Tianjin or other cities, take Bus No. 531 or 536 and get off at the Dule Temple stop.

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