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Scenic Spot of the Jiuru Mountain Waterfalls

The Scenic Spot of the Jiuru Mountain Waterfalls is at the northern foot of Mount Tai in a hilly area located in the Xiying Town, Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong Province. There are as many as 36 peaks 800m higher than sea level. With "eight pools, the nine waterfalls, twenty-four springs, and thirty-six peaks" as its core landscape, it is a large-scale natural scenic spot that combines eco-tourism, leisure, recreation and other functions. It is also the source of the 72 famous springs in Spring City, and the headwater of the Jinxiu River,which is one of the three rivers of southern Jinan.

Within the scenic spot, ruins of the Great Wall from the State of Qi can be found, as well as a stone road from Ming and Qing dynasties where visitors can think about the present by reflecting on the past.

Travel Tips

Address:Xiying Town, Licheng District, Southern Jinan

Transportation:Take bus 709 from Jinan to Jiuru Mountain.

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