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The Tourist Area of Paomaling in Jinan

The Tourist Area of Paomaling, about 40 kilometers away from downtown, has an average altitude of more than 700 meters, the highest reaching 900 meters, is located southeast of Jinan.

The circular tourism belt of the southern mountain area is constructed by the rich tourist resources of the scenic spot, together with Simen Tower, the Scenic Spot of Wohu Mountain Reservoir, the Scenic Spot of Jinxiu River, and Qixingtai Botanical Garden.

The scenic spot, where wild animals fit perfectly into the natural landscape with a profound historic background, was known as "little Yunnan" in the past. And it was designated as a National Forest Park in 1992 by the Chinese Ministry of Forestry

Travel Tips

Address:Liubu Forest Park, Southeast Licheng District, Jinan

Transportation:Take bus 4, 35, or 88 from the south of footbridge to scenic spot.

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