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Qipan Mountain

Qipan Mountain is part of the Hada Mountains of the Changbai mountain range, and gets its name from a rock on top of the mountain that is engraved with a giant chessboard. The scenic area is composed of Qipan Mountain, Hui Mountain, Dayang Mountain and Xiu Lake, the so-called “Three Mountains and One Water”.

In the scenic area, the radiant landscape of lakes, mountains, and lush trees complement each other perfectly. During summer, the lotuses are in full bloom, while autumn brings red maple leaves. There is a pavilion built on the mountain top, from where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that stretches in all directions below you. A cable car and alpine slide are built into the face of Qipan Mountain, and a round trip only takes 20 minutes. There are lots of fun activities to do in the scenic area, such as mountain climbing, riding down the alpine slide, laser tag, and many others, or enjoy a picnic if you prefer a more relaxed outing.

Every winter, the mountain plays host to the Qipan Mountain Ice and Snow World and becomes a paradise for enjoying ice sculptures, playing with snow, and skiing.

Travel Tips

Address:103 Provincial Road, Dongling District, Shenyang City

Transportation:You can go to the scenic spot by taking bus 384 or 168 on the north-south branch line.

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