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Longxing Temple

Longxing Temple, with an area of 82,500 m2, is located on the north-south central axis and two sides. More than ten buildings are scattered randomly here, which are important cases studying architectural layout of Buddhist temples in the Song Dynasty.

There are six cultural relics in the temple called the first class in China: Manichean Hall built in the Song Dynasty that was honored as “Perfect Art” by Liang Sicheng, the ancient architecture expert; Guanyin to the north that was honored as “Oriental Beauty” by descendants; the largest Revolving Book Case in early China; Dragon Temple epitaph honored as “number one in the Sui Dynasty”; the largest Bronze Great Buddha in ancient China; and the most exquisite Bronze Vairocana in ancient China.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 109 Zhongshan East Road, Chang’an District, Zhengding County

Transportation:Take bus 135, 164, or 177 to the Great Buddha Temple stop from Shijiazhuang or Zhengding County

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