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Harbin Jinyuan Culture Tourist Area

Acheng Jinyuan Culture Tourist Area in Harbin was added into the second batch of national 4A class tourist areas. It is located 2 kilometers south of Acheng City and is an important protected cultural relic of China. It was also the capital of China’s Jin dynasty from 1115 to 1234 AD, and is the only well-preserved site of a historical capital of the Jin dynasty. Today, the Meridian Gate and palace architecture sites are well preserved, and the historic sites of the outer city walls, urn city, biers, turrets and moat are still in existence.

The brilliant culture of the Jin dynasty is an important source of ethnic culture for the people of China’s black soil region, and is a treasure of China’s heritage. It has become a unique branch in the history of Chinese civilization and it will endow the proposed Jinyuan Culture Tourist Area with rich historical and cultural foundation.

Travel Tips

Address:2 kilometers south of Acheng City

Transportation:From 06:32-14:09, there are many trains from Harbin Railway Station to Acheng. Train travel time is around 35 to 70 minutes, after which you can walk to the Jinyuan Culture Tourist Area.

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