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Sun Island

The Sun Island Scenic Area, located in the “city of ice and snow” Harbin off the north shore of the Songhua River, is a lush, quiet, elegant islet. Sun Island is surrounded by clear, glittering water and boasts beautiful natural scenery. The northern part of the scenic area is Sun Island Park, where there are several small botanical and zoological gardens and lakes. In the park, visitors can smell the flowers and go for a spring outing, escape from the summer heat, take pictures, or simply stroll on the beautiful scenery. In the southern part of the island, there is an art exhibition hall and Russian-style architecture.

Sun Island Scenic Area is the main venue of the annual International Snow Sculpture Art Fair, which lasts from December to January. By this time, the area is covered in snow which artists use to create an enormous variety of snow sculptures depicting people, animals, and western style buildings.

Travel Tips

Address:North Shore of Songhua River, Harbin Urban District, Heilongjiang Province.

Transportation:It takes about 40 minutes to go there if you take the No. 29 Bus from Flood Control Memorial Tower (Youyi Road) Station. The bus sets off every half an hour or so.

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