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Erlong Mountain

Erlong Mountain is known as "Harbin’s East Garden". It is located 50 kilometers east of Harbin and southwest of the ancient city of Binzhou. Erlong Mountain gets its name from Erlong Lake, which is also known as Erlongshan Reservoir, and was created in 1958. It is a large reservoir that integrates flood control, irrigation, urban water supply, fishery production, as well as serving as a scenic spot for tourists.

There is a lake at the foot of Erlong Mountain which is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and which is host to lots of interesting natural sceneries. It’s a good place to visit during summer to escape the heat, during national holidays, and for general relaxation and rehabilitation, and attracts around a million tourists each year from both China and abroad.

Travel Tips

Address:50 kilometers east of Harbin City

Transportation:Drive from Harbin, get onto the Tongsan Highway and drive about 40 minutes to get to your destination. Alternatively, take the shuttle bus from the Sankeshu Passenger Station that goes to Binxian County.

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