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Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Shanghai Wild Animal Park is 35 kilometers from the city center. Shanghai Wild Animal Park is home to over 200 kinds of rare animals from around the world with a total of over 10,000 animals, including Chinese national-level protected species, such as giant pandas, golden snub-nosed monkeys, Southern China tigers and Asian elephants, as well as imported giraffes, zebra, antelope and rhino.

The park is composed of the Vehicle-Allowed Area and the Pedestrian Area. The entire park includes the Herbivore Exhibition Area, the Carnivore Exhibition Area, the Flamingo Ecological Area, the Free-Ranging Animal Area, the Waterfowl Lake and Rare Animal Area, the Bird Park, the Butterfly Park and the Small Animal Paradise, with special animal shows for visitors. In the Pedestrian Area, you can see white lions, white tigers, white kangaroos, pandas, Chinese alligators and other rare animals from around the world; and also can take photos with alpacas, camels, zebras, elephants and other animals. A trip here is an excellent experience that should not be missed.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 178, Nanliu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai City

Transportation:1. Subway: Take Subway Line 16 and get off at the Wild Animal Park Station; walk out of the station and then directly to the zoo. 2. Bus: Take Hunan Line, No. 6 Huinan Line, Nanxin Special Line, or Zhangnan Line and get off at the Wild Animal Park stop.

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