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Hometown of Qu Yuan

Hometown of Qu Yuan, located in the new seat of Zigui County, Yichang, is where Qu Yuan, a great poet in the Warring States period, used to live.

Qu Yuan Temple, the core attraction in the present Hometown of Qu Yuan scenic area, has been moved here from its original site and everything is exactly as it used to be. Qu Yuan Temple was originally located on a river beach between Zigui and the Xiangxi River, where Qu Yuan’s body was said to be buried. Later, the area was named Qu Yuan Bay and Qu Yuan Temple was built here. Qu Yuan Temple was relocated twice to make way for the Gezhouba and Three Gorges Projects.

Today’s Qu Yuan Temple in the scenic area faces the Three Gorges Dam in the southeast. It consists of a temple gate, a stele corridor, a front hall, a music and dance hall, a main hall, a funerary temple, and Qu Yuan’s cenotaph. Other attractions in the scenic area include the Dragon Boat Museum, the Dragon Boat Festival Customs Museum and the Three Gorges Dam Viewing Platform. Tourists can also visit the Xintan ancient folk houses, Xiajiang rock inscriptions, and the Xiajiang ancient bridge in the Three Gorges ancient residential area. In the scenic area are also replicates of some original attractions in Qu Yuan’s birthplace, such as the Incense Burning Platform, Mirror Well, and Three Corn Fields. These attractions are believed to be closely related to Qu Yuan’s life, and visitors can track the footprints of the great poet at these places.

Travel Tips

Address:Zigui County, Yichang, Hubei Province

Transportation:Take the Three Gorges yacht directly to the seat of Zigui County, or take a coach from Yichang bus station to Fenghuang Mountain in Maoping Town, get off and walk for about 1 km.

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